14:20 min Drama (no trailer)

Physically isolated from those she loves, Lucy is forced to come to terms with what illness is doing to her mind, as well as her body.

Directed by: Kylie Washington-Brook
Written by: Elecia Pikusa
Starring: Susie Porter
Produced by: Angela Walsh

  • Screening 2007 Fitzroy Shorts (March)  
  • Screening 
2006 London Australian International Film Festival (preceded "Oyster Farmer" 
  • Broadcast 
SBS (licence ends 11 May 2009)
  • Best Sound 
2005 AFI Craft Award Nomination
  • Screening 2005 Prague Short Film Festival
  • Screening 
2006 Flickerfest Sydney
  • Screening 2006 St Kilda Film Festival