Tsunami in the Sky

“Tsunami In The Sky” 2008

46 Minute documentary

Special thanks to Gary and Barbara Criddle without whom this film would never have been made.

The Morning Glory is a natural phenomenon that occurs only a few weeks a year in the skies above Burketown on outback Australia’s crocodile coast. These waves in the sky, marked by clouds over 3,000 feet high, blow off the sea at 60 kilometres an hour, and attract sailplane, trike, and hang glider pilots from across Australia–and sometimes the world–hoping for the chance to surf them. 
This documentary follows the journey of six men with the desire to do just that.

Written by: Garrett Russell and Angela Walsh
Directed by: Garrett Russell
Main cinematography by: Mark Broadbent
Produced by: Angela Walsh Productions

All 'Tsunami in the sky' Photography throughout this website
courtesy Mark Broadbent

Distribution Internationally by TVF Ltd.
Distribution in Australia and New Zealand by Angela Walsh Productions Pty Ltd

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"Spiders" 2007

2:30 min Animation (no trailer)

Just like humans often do, a male spider places greater importance on sexual gratification than personal safety.

Director/Animator: Katy Lambourne
Written by: Rod Field & Warren Thomas Weekes
Voiced by: Paul Davies, Steven Grives, Angela Walsh
Produced by: Angela Walsh

  • Screening 2008 Dungong Film Festival
  • Screening 2009 Flickerfest Film Festival
  • Distributed by Flickerfest


"Recall" 2006

7 min Black Comedy

A product has a potentially fatal flaw and must be recalled. 
Neither vehicle malfunction nor a geriatric donkey can stop the store manager from getting to his customer in time!

Writer/Director: Michael Noonan
Starring: Bevan Wilson, Sylvia Rands
Produced by: Angela Walsh

  • Broadcast                 
    France; USA; Russia; Italy;
  • Screening                
    2007 Crossroads Film Festival (USA, Mar.)
  • Screening                
    2007 London Australian Film Festival (UK, Mar.)
  • Screening                
    2007 HBO Comedy Festival (USA, Feb.)
  • Screening                
    2007 Flickerfest Film Festival (Australia, Jan.)
  • Screening                
    2006 Hof Film Festival (Germany, Oct.)
  • Screening                
    2006 AFI Fest (U.S.A., Nov.)
  • Nomination              
    2006 AWG best screenplay
  • Distributed by Flickerfest


14:20 min Drama (no trailer) 2005

Physically isolated from those she loves, Lucy is forced to come to terms with what illness is doing to her mind, as well as her body.

Directed by: Kylie Washington-Brook
Written by: Elecia Pikusa
Starring: Susie Porter
Produced by: Angela Walsh

  • Screening 2007 Fitzroy Shorts (March)  
  • Screening 
2006 London Australian International Film Festival (preceded "Oyster Farmer" 
  • Broadcast 
SBS (licence ends 11 May 2009)
  • Best Sound 
2005 AFI Craft Award Nomination
  • Screening 2005 Prague Short Film Festival
  • Screening 
2006 Flickerfest Sydney
  • Screening 2006 St Kilda Film Festival

Qadam's Story

“Qadam’s Story” 2004

12 min drama (no trailer)

Jenny is an ambitious television reporter. When she happens on a story of betrayal, hypocrisy and death, she’s determined to get it to air. Based on a true story, this account looks at the very human traits of remorse, fear and denial.

Written by: Sammy Ringer
Directed by: Kylie Washington-Brook
Starring: Errol O’Neil, Elise Greig, Todd Levi
Produced by: Angela Walsh

  • Best Film                  
    2004 Woodford Film Festival 2004
  • Best Film                  
    2004 Qld New Filmmakers Awards
  • Best Director            
    2004 Qld New Filmmakers Awards
  • Finalist                      
    2004 Atom Awards
  • Screening                
    2004 L.A. International Short Film Festival
  • Screening                
    2004 WIFT WOW Film Festival Sydney and 2005 National tour
  • Screening                
    2005 Mudgee Film Festival
  • Screening                
    2005 Izmir Short Film Festival, Turkey

Tong Master

"Tong Master" 2003

7 min Comedy (no trailer)

The male discipline of Barbecuing has it's own heirarchy. Is Griff, the Master, ready to hand over the sacred Tongs?

Based on the article by Danny Katz
Directed by Stuart Mannion
Starring: Todd Levi, Mike Goldman
Produced by: Angela Walsh

  • Broadcast                 
  • Screening                
    onedotzero, Japan 2004
  • Screening                
    Two Mirrors One Screen, Japan 2004
  • Screening                
    Commonwealth Film Festival, UK 2004
  • Screening                
    QPIX presentation of Tropfest 2005