Tsunami in the Sky

“Tsunami In The Sky” 2008

46 Minute documentary

Special thanks to Gary and Barbara Criddle without whom this film would never have been made.

The Morning Glory is a natural phenomenon that occurs only a few weeks a year in the skies above Burketown on outback Australia’s crocodile coast. These waves in the sky, marked by clouds over 3,000 feet high, blow off the sea at 60 kilometres an hour, and attract sailplane, trike, and hang glider pilots from across Australia–and sometimes the world–hoping for the chance to surf them. 
This documentary follows the journey of six men with the desire to do just that.

Written by: Garrett Russell and Angela Walsh
Directed by: Garrett Russell
Main cinematography by: Mark Broadbent
Produced by: Angela Walsh Productions

All 'Tsunami in the sky' Photography throughout this website
courtesy Mark Broadbent

Distribution Internationally by TVF Ltd.
Distribution in Australia and New Zealand by Angela Walsh Productions Pty Ltd

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