"Recall" 2006

7 min Black Comedy

A product has a potentially fatal flaw and must be recalled. 
Neither vehicle malfunction nor a geriatric donkey can stop the store manager from getting to his customer in time!

Writer/Director: Michael Noonan
Starring: Bevan Wilson, Sylvia Rands
Produced by: Angela Walsh

  • Broadcast                 
    France; USA; Russia; Italy;
  • Screening                
    2007 Crossroads Film Festival (USA, Mar.)
  • Screening                
    2007 London Australian Film Festival (UK, Mar.)
  • Screening                
    2007 HBO Comedy Festival (USA, Feb.)
  • Screening                
    2007 Flickerfest Film Festival (Australia, Jan.)
  • Screening                
    2006 Hof Film Festival (Germany, Oct.)
  • Screening                
    2006 AFI Fest (U.S.A., Nov.)
  • Nomination              
    2006 AWG best screenplay
  • Distributed by Flickerfest