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It's wrong to suggest radio is a "broad" cast medium. Or even that audio works best when it's broadcast en masse to a large audience. Because to the voice-over artist it's a narrowast medium, and a medium that works best in little changes. Small shifts in the voice. Tiny movements in intonation. A slight change of pace. Put your ear to the wall of any session in the country and the clues are there.

"Can I have a slightly faster take?"...."a little more smile?".....
"we need to shave a second off".

Angela Walsh is an expert in those things. The slight, the tiny and the small. They all make a big difference to "it" sounding right. And we all know it's hard to describe the "it", but we sure love it when we hear it. And it's not just radio commercials of course, but scripts for television, cinema and other mediums all blossom when she breathes life into them.

Angela handles the sales like a retail expert. Full of pace and excitement. Her details are clear, those prices easily heard. Her characters are fully blown wide-screen technicolourageous impressions of people you know or you'd like to meet. They're fun. Invented along the way as the recording session warms up and heats up to a final take. Her long-form narrative is delivered with knowledge and the experience of concern, so the listener is captured by it's emotion.

But here's the good bit ... Angela can do it again but with a little bit this, and a tiny bit of that. Because when less experienced voice-over talent overstep the mark or can't deliver those changes, clunk and plod their heavy way through a script, everyone falls into that large cavernous hole of recording studio awkwardness. No-one wants to be there. You just haven't got it and you never will.

But listen closer to Angela. You might think it's just another smooth well-rounded performance but it's made up of hundreds of tiny points of vocal skill and precision.

(text: courtesy Kathy Evans Voice Management)

Voice Type:

  • Accents
  • Characters
  • Promos
  • Corporate
  • Documentary
  • Straight
  • Voice Acting
  • Accents: British, U.S. various, Other



Angela Walsh